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If Your Furnace Burners Look Like This, They Need To Be Replaced!

If your furnace burner tubes look like this old one, then it’s time to get new ones! Burner tubes take the natural gas or LP and channel it in a pattern that most efficiently and effectively heats your home. If the tiny pathways that the gas travels through are plugged up with rust, it can reduce your heating efficiency, and potentially be a big safety hazard! When furnace burners get blocked with either rust or deposits from the flame, it can encourage the flame to be refocused in directions that can be a fire hazard. It’s critical that the furnace is repaired before that happens.

If you think you have a furnace issue that need to be addressed, call us today for furnace repair!

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Mar 28, 2023

If you see that your furnace is not efficiently working and troubleshooting a lot while working at that moment first go on repair. If repair doesn't work then call the HVAC Contractor and get your furnace replaced.


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