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Oil-Fired Boilers & Furnaces

Once Upon a Time, Oil-Fired Heating Systems revolutionized America, by allowing for easily transportable, reliable heating fuel--prior to that it was wood & coal!  Nowadays, Oil systems are much more rare, but still vitally important for keeping hundreds of thousands of Americans warm.  After assessing the current market and realizing that there are very few HVAC contractors that service Oil-Fired Heaters now, we decided to fully stock our inventory and begin helping these under-served residents.  If you have an oil fired furnace or boiler, and would like help with it, give us a call today!

Oil-Fired Maintenance

Oil Fired Boilers and Furnaces produce a very warm satisfying heat.  We've changed out oil burners many times for new high efficiency furnaces and heat pumps, and customers always seem a little disappointed that the air just isn't quite as warm as their old oil system.  

That said, to get that reliable warmth, you need to have your oil boiler or furnace serviced once a year. There is nothing worse than getting a call from a customer at 2 am because their heat doesn't work, and it's due to something that we would normally clean or repair in the standard service visits we do!

What happens at a service checkup?:

-Replace Fuel Filters

-Verify Fuel Pressure

-Replace Fuel Distribution Nozzle

-Verify Proper Spark Across the Contactors

-Verify That the Spark Transformer is Still Good

-Verify That the Air Intake Settings are Still Within the Mfgr's Specs

-Check to Make Sure the Controller is Operating Properly

-Check Combustion Exhaust to Verify the Fuel/Air Mixture is properly set

By doing these simple steps, we figure that about  3/4 of our emergency calls are prevented.

If you have an oil fired furnace or boiler, don't hesitate to call us today to make sure it's operating at tip-top performance!

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