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BOILERS NOW by heidikin


24/7 Service 

Do you need emergency service on your water heater or boiler heat? We're here to help. Call us at (715) 716-0700 

Same Day Emergency Water Heater Replacement: Call by 2 PM, and have a new water heater by the end of the day!

Plumbing Products & Services We Offer

Heidikin Heating, Electric, Plumbing and Well is your professional for all things boiler heating in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. 

If you heat your home with a boiler, we are your boiler contractor of choice! We service, design, and install boiler systems to ensure they perform optimally for your home. Our team of experts draw on years of experience to develop an optimized plan to fit your boiler needs. 



  • Radiant floor heat

  • Radiators

  • Snow-melt outdoor systems

  • Alternative fuels (kerosene + wood-fired systems)

  • Fuel Conversion

  • Boiler Preventative Maintenance

  • New Boiler System Install

  • Boiler Repair

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