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Financing Your Home Improvement with Ease

Make Your Home and Business Improvements Stress-Free


At Heidikin, we understand that home and business ownership comes with its fair share of responsibilities and unexpected challenges. Whether it's a critical heating system overhaul in the dead of winter, an essential electrical upgrade, or an urgent plumbing repair, these necessary improvements can often carry a hefty price tag. Recognizing the impact that such expenses can have on your peace of mind and financial stability, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our Financing Options

To ensure that you can secure the home and business improvements you need without the added financial strain, we offer a range of financing solutions designed to match your unique situation:

  • One Year 0% Interest Financing

Ideal for those who need immediate repairs or installations and plan to pay off their project within a year without the burden of interest.

  • Ten Year Low Monthly Payment Options

For extensive renovations or installations that are crucial for your home or business's functionality and comfort, our extended financing plans make the costs manageable over time with low monthly payments.

Why Choose Heidikin's Financing?

  • Flexibility: We provide financing options that accommodate a wide range of budgets and project sizes, ensuring that you can get the necessary work done now and pay over time.

  • Speed: Application and approval processes are swift, meaning that there’s minimal delay in beginning your home improvement projects.

  • Peace of Mind: Alleviate the stress of unexpected expenses by spreading out the cost of substantial repairs or installations.

  • Investment in Your Property: Financing makes it easier for you to invest in the value and functionality of your home or business, enhancing your property's worth and enjoyment.

How to Get Started


Getting started with our financing program is simple:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our team by filling out the contact form, emailing, or calling us directly.

  2. Consultation: Discuss your project needs with a member of our skilled team. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate and walk you through your financing options.

  3. Application Process: Our straightforward financing application can be completed quickly, with fast approvals to get your project underway.

  4. Enjoy Your Improvements: Once approved, we schedule and complete your home or business improvements promptly, letting you enjoy the new upgrades with minimal disruption.

Ready to Transform Your Space?


Don't let financial barriers hold you back from making necessary improvements to your home or business. With Heidikin, you can proceed with confidence, knowing our flexible financing options are designed to ease your burden.

For more information about our financing programs or to discuss your next project, (715) 716-0700 today. Our expert team is here to ensure your home and business meet your highest standards – affordably and efficiently.

(715) 230-2216

(715) 716-0700

New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017

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