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Getting Warmer

Do you need emergency heating or cooling service? We understand the severity of malfunctions in HVAC equipment, and we are here to help. Call us at (715) 716-0700 

24/7 Service 

Climate Control

One of the best parts of living in Wisconsin is the variety of seasons our state has to offer! However, Wisconsin has its fair share of weather extremes like frigid winter nights and sweltering summer days. To enjoy the great weather and be comfortable in the bad, it's critical that the HVAC system in your home is designed and operating at peak performance. 

Heidikin Heating, Electric, Plumbing & Well installs, maintains, and replaces heating and cooling systems. We serve residential and light-commercial customers in St Croix County, Wisconsin.  We are troubleshooting experts in Furnace Repair, AC Repair and are your leading local HVAC Service Contractor.  

Air Quality Management

[Advanced filtration systems]

[UV light emitting air purification]

[Air exchangers (ERV/HRV)]

[Humidification + Dehumidification]

Heating + Cooling Products We Service


  • New Furnace Installations

  • Furnace Repair

  • Annual Furnace Maintenance

  • Central Air Ducting Installation & Repair

  • Furnace Balancing & Tuning

  • Furnace Replacement


  • Installation of New AC Units - Standard & High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems

  • AC Service -  Recharging and balancing

  • Air Conditioning Annual Maintenance

  • AC Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Air Conditioning Replacement


  • Mini-split systems (both heat + cooling)

  • Heat + cooling for homes w/o ductwork

  • Heat Pump Circuit Planning & Installation

  • Heat Pump balancing

  • Heat Pump & Minisplit Repair

  • Heat Pump & Minisplit Replacement

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