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Well Pump Repair

 If you have a well system and you don’t have any water, it could be a broken well pump!  At Heidikin, we understand that not having water is a major inconvenience, and we provide same day well pump repair and well pump replacement to help minimize downtime for you and your family or business.  If you don’t have water, give us a call today!


There are multiple different kinds of well pumps, and we serve them all!:


Submersible Well Pumps: These are the most common style of well pump in our area, and the serve our communities with resilience.  Submersible pumps are usually down in the ground at least 60’ deep, and pump the water from the aquifers down below, up to your home or business.  If these pumps fail, we often have to pull them up with a small crane to get them back up to ground level to repair and replace them.


Shallow Well Pumps & Sand Point Wells:  Sand point wells are very common around bodies of water such as lakes, where it’s not required to drill deep down to find quality water.  These systems often have the pump easily accessible above ground.  The are more affordable to install and replace, but more unreliable than a conventional submersible pump.


Jet Pumps: Jet pumps are similar to sand point wells, but they have an added pipe going down into the ground to allow the pump to drive water back down into the soil.  These can also be applied in a deeper well set up, but much more common in New Richmond and surrounding areas.


We offer Well Repair in the following areas:


We offer pressure tank replacement in the following locals: 


-Well Pump Repair in New Richmond WI 54017

-Well Pump Repair in Star Prairie WI 54026

-Well Pump Repair in Deer Park WI 54007

-Well Pump Repair in Amery WI 54001

-Well Pump Repair in Emerald WI 54013

-Well Pump Repair in East Farmington WI 54020

-Well Pump Repair in St. Croix Falls WI 54024

-Well Pump Repair in Osceola WI 54020

-Well Pump Repair in Alden Township WI 56009

-Well Pump Repair in Cylon WI 54017

-Well Pump Repair in Glenwood City WI 54013

-Well Pump Repair in River Falls WI 54002

-Well Pump Repair in Hammond WI 54015

-Well Pump Repair in Hudson WI 54016

-Well Pump Repair in Baldwin WI 54002

-Well Pump Repair in Wilson WI 54027

-Well Pump Repair in Woodville WI 54028

-Well Pump Repair in Ellsworth WI 54011

-Well Pump Repair in Clear Lake WI 54005

-Well Pump Repair in Boyceville WI 54725

-Well Pump Repair in Prairie Farm WI 54762

-Well Pump Repair in Spring Valley WI 54767

-Well Pump Repair in Colfax WI 54730

-Well Pump Repair in Turtle Lake WI 54889

-Well Pump Repair in Roberts WI 54023

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