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Winter Is Finally Here!

For the Twin Cities Metro Area and surrounding cities, I think one thing we can all agree on is it has been a very mild winter! Unfortunately, today that will change and we’re due to see negative double digit temps multiple nights—dangerous territory for both people and houses alike.

If you need furnace repair this weekend, don’t hesitate to call us. It certainly isn’t coincidental that furnace failures happen more frequently in extreme weather, and we’re expecting this weekend to be no different. If your furnace or heat source fails in this cold spell, do the following:

  1. Call for help right away. We often come to houses that are nearing freezing temperatures because homeowners attempted to fix it themselves. While we certainly encourage you to familiarize yourself with your heating equipment, below zero temperatures are no time to learn the ropes.

  2. If you have space heaters, fireplaces, baseboard heat, etc, turn them on as soon as you can. These heat sources are not very big and incapable of heating a whole home, but them might be able to slow down the decline in temperatures while you wait for assistance. Don’t forget about your stove/oven—when times are tough, this kitchen appliance can help keep you warm! Just be sure no children or animals can get in it if you leave it open.

  3. Minimize cold air penetration: Keep the doors shut as much as possible. Don’t go outside unnecessarily. Further, if you have an attached garage, keep the doors closed here as well—garages provide a buffer between your home and the really cold air outside.

If this cold spell causes your furnace to fail, give us a call for furnace replacement. Stay warm!

Justin Leach

(715) 716-0700

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