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Pressure Tanks are Important to Your Well System

If you have a well system for your water supply, there’s a high probability that you have a pressure tank! Pressure tanks help make a well pump's job easier. Basically, a pressure tank stores water under pressure from the well pump. By doing this, the well pump doesn’t have to turn on every time you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet. This makes it easier on the well pump, because it runs at far less frequent intervals, and it runs for a longer duration.

The way a well pressure tank works, is by having an air bladder inside that is set to a minimum pressure. By doing this, the pressure tank ensures that even when the well is turned off, there’s still pressure in the system. See the below diagram for details:

If you start to notice that your water pressure seems to be irregular, or if you begin to hear your well pump run more frequently, then its important to contact a well contractor to prevent irreversible damage to the well pump.

If you need a well contractor for a well repair, contact Heidikin Heating, Electric, Plumbing & Well!

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