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Go with the (air) flow

Maintenance Tips:

1. Replace furnace filter once a month

2. Make sure all vents are open and unobstructed

You're counting on your air conditioning system to keep you comfortable, this summer. But, did you know that your furnace/air handler also plays an important role in cooling things down?

Your furnace/air handler leads the air, cooled by your air conditioner, through the duct system in your home. If airflow is obstructed, your air conditioner can ice up and malfunction.

To prevent this from occurring, easy maintenance tasks can go along way.

1. Replace your furnace filter once a month.

A plugged air filter is a common reason that we see furnaces/ACs ice up. Because the air cannot flow into furnace adequately, the air conditioning coil gets too cold and turns to ice.

2. Make sure all vents are open and unobstructed.

Closing air vents diverts airflow away from a space to control comfort. If too many vents closed up, the furnace has nowhere to pump the cold air, resulting in another type of freeze up.

Airflow still an issue?

Your air system could be improperly installed. If a furnace has 10 vents blowing air and only 2 returns, the furnace struggles to suck in air and adequately blow it through the outputs. This unbalanced airflow could cause more serious long-term consequences on your cooling and heating systems.

At Heidikin Heating & Electric, we measure the pressures across the whole system to help us understand if the furnace is breathing properly. If it’s not, it often requires us to install additional return vents. This is a standard service through our seasonal maintenance programs.

Thank you for your interest in Heidikin Heating & Electric!

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