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Furnace is Shot? Maybe Not…

You might not need a furnace replacement, after all. Our HVAC troubleshooting may reveal cost savings by choosing furnace repair!

Every winter, countless people tell me that another heating company says their furnace is shot. It’s usually followed by me asking what the prognosis was, and them saying, “he just said it was shot.”

If someone tells you that you need a furnace replacement without providing a concrete reason, please be skeptical. We replace many furnaces every year, but it’s always a cost-benefit analysis between us and the customer. We describe what the issue is/cost to repair it vs. the cost to replace it, and allow the customer to decide what investment to make.

Many HVAC companies are quick to sell a furnace replacement, not wanting to take time in the diagnostic process. If you call us and state that you need a new furnace, we will still do our best to extend the life of your current investment.

Here’s a picture of an old furnace with a bad heat exchanger that we recently replaced. This furnace accumulated a lot of soot in the secondary heat exchanger (bottom portion) and caused it to no longer heat the home. This heat exchanger was under warranty, so we were able to replace the unit and save the customer thousands when compared to installing a new furnace.

If you need a furnace repair or new furnace install, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options!

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