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Dog Pee and ACs Don't Mix

Dogs may be considered “mans best friend,” but they are air conditioner’s arch enemies. Dog pee is highly acidic and can have a very negative effect on the air conditioner. In the picture, you can see how the dog’s urine has literally dissolved away the fins on the AC condenser, leaving just the bare tubing. At a minimum, this reduces the AC’s effectiveness at getting rid of heat, but more often it leads to irreparable leaks.

Typically if we are replacing an AC that has dog pee damage, we generally include a stand to elevate the AC about a foot in the air. This usually gets the AC out of firing range. However, if you’re not due for a new AC yet, I’d suggest installing some sort of barrier such as chicken wire, to prevent further damage.

If you’re having AC issues and need an air conditioner repair or replacement today, give us a call!

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