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DIY AC Repair - 3 Easy Fixes!

With the heat of summer upon us, there’s a few things you can do to minimize damage to your AC to assist with the AC Repair before your Heidikin AC repair tech comes!

3 Repairs You Can DIY Before Calling Heidikin

  1. If you turn on your AC and it doesn’t blow cold air, check the outdoor unit and see if its running. If the fan is not turning spinning on the outdoor unit, turn it off immediately! The fan on your AC condenser unit cools off the compressor. If the fan doesn’t run, the compressor will overheat and get destroyed causing a fatal blow for your AC. Often, if a fan doesn’t turn off, it can result in a relatively easy AC repair as long as the compressor is in good health.

  2. If you turn your AC on but no air comes through the ducts, and the outdoor unit doesn’t turn on, its a good chance that the AC repair you need is new batteries in your thermostat, or a new thermostat! This is probably one of the most common AC repairs we do. The thermostat has to have enough power to tell both the furnace and the AC to turn on, and batteries are the most common problem. I always feel bad for customers when we show up on a job site and the only tool that is needed is a pair of AA batteries!

  3. If the lineset (pipes) going from the AC to your furnace is freezing, the first step to this AC repair is to turn the system off, let it thaw out, and remove the furnace filter. Air Conditioning is a combination of air flow and cooling. Without the airflow, the AC will freeze into a block of ice! Air filters are a chronic problem we see with air conditioning, and is one of the first things we check when an AC is freezing up. If the filter is good, there still could be refrigerant issues that need to be fixed, but its a great first step!

If you need an AC repair, give Heidikin a call at 715-716-0700! We understand the heat of summer is unbearable and potentially dangerous, and do everything we can to complete AC repair requests ASAP!

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