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Cold Weather Is Coming! Furnace Maintenance Tips To Get Ready For The Cold

Here's a brand new furnace we recently installed!

With the winter season fast approaching, it's essential to prepare your home in advance to avoid unwanted heating system surprises. One of the most important things you can do is take care of your furnace. Proper furnace maintenance can save you from shivering in the cold and save you money on energy bills. Here we've compiled some furnace maintenance tips that will not only extend your furnace's lifespan but will also make sure it runs efficiently throughout the winter.

Clean or Replace Furnace Filters: This is one of the easiest and most effective furnace maintenance tips. Your furnace filter collects dust, debris, and other particles from the air, which can block airflow and affect its efficiency; or worse--overheating. A clean filter ensures proper airflow, better air quality, and fewer breakdowns. Ideally, you should replace or clean your filter every one to three months, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. You can check your furnace's user manual to determine the right filter and replacement schedule.

This filter was so bad that the furnace sucked it into its Blower Fan!

Check the thermostat: Your furnace's thermostat is the control center for your heating system. If it's not working correctly, your home will not be heated to the right temperature. You should check if your thermostat is accurate and change the batteries if necessary. If you have an older thermostat, you might want to upgrade to a programmable one. A programmable thermostat can lower energy bills by letting you set specific temperatures when you're asleep or away, so your furnace is not running unnecessarily.

Make sure you clean the furnace: Dust and debris can pile up inside your furnace, which can hinder its operation. You don't need to disassemble your furnace for cleaning; all you need is a vacuum and a soft-bristled brush. By brushing and vacuuming the furnace's exterior and fan blades, you can remove dirt, dust, and debris that could lead to inefficient furnace performance.

Schedule a furnace tune-up: Regular preventive maintenance can help extend your

Here's Some Old Burner Tubes that were replaced on a maintenance call to prevent downtime

furnace's lifespan. A professional HVAC contractor can inspect and clean your furnace to ensure it operates efficiently and correctly this winter. The contractor can also replace worn-out parts, check the heat exchanger for cracks, and perform other essential tasks to avoid potential breakdowns. Scheduling an annual furnace tune-up before the winter season is crucial if you want to ensure your furnace works correctly.

There you have it – some essential furnace maintenance tips to ensure your heating system runs efficiently throughout the cold winter months. Remember, taking care of your furnace is important as it keeps your home warm and comfortable and can save you money on energy bills. If you're unsure about what you need to get done to maintain your furnace, you can always speak to a professional contractor who can help you with required maintenance and ensure that your furnace is working correctly. By following these simple furnace maintenance tips, you can enjoy a cozy, warm, and comfortable winter season. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a furnace cleaning/tune up, give us a call!

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Andrew Hayward
Andrew Hayward
May 03

Excellent job by the HVAC Contractor Delray Beach team on our furnace maintenance. They identified and fixed potential issues before they became major problems, giving us peace of mind knowing our heating system was in good hands.


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