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Buy Your Propane Now!

I’m aware that we’re still in the AC season, and that last thing folks want to think about when its 85 degrees out is propane! I agree with you.

That said, I think this year will be a record setting year for propane due to the current conflict in Ukraine. Europe has already faced sky high prices for propane due to the conflict, and we’re not even in winter yet. I suspect that if logistics allows, they will be buying as much US propane as possible; potentially hiking the price significantly in the US. Russia has been somewhat cooperative on the energy front so far with countries like Germany. However, if there’s one thing Russia seems to be good at historically, it is the use of frigid winter months to their advantage. Thus, cutting off vital energy supplies from Russia into European countries doesn’t seem unlikely.

Because of this, I would just highly encourage everyone to top off their propane tank now, this summer, before going into the winter months. It never fails that on the first cold day of the year we always get a few furnace service calls that turn out to be not working because they don’t have gas in their tank!

If you’re trying to reduce your propane usage each year on heat, I’d highly suggest you look into heat pumps. Heat pumps are air conditioners that can heat your home as well as cool. They do this by removing heat from the air outside and bringing it inside. They’re a great option when outdoor temperatures are higher than 15 degrees. If your home uses multiple tanks of propane each winter, you could reduce the number of tank fills with a heat pump.

If you're looking for help with your furnace and AC, or are wondering about more energy efficient options, give us a call today!

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