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Burnt Up Burner Tubes!

We were called out to a furnace repair in New Richmond recently only to find that the burner tubes had failed! Burner tubes live a tough life right at the beginning of the fire furnaces use to heat our homes. They're exposed to extreme conditions on a daily basis. which inevitably means they'll be the source of a furnace failure. Depending on the condition of the burner tubes, they can be cleaned, but there is a point of no return on them. Typically we try to just replace them, but there are times where you can't get new ones because they're obsolete; leaving you with no other choice but to clean or replace the whole unit.

If you think your furnace is having problems, and you like diagnosing things yourself, here's what to look for. Often you'll find that one burner will light up, and then it will stop. This happens because the flame ribbons on the burner tubes are too blocked to be able to light the next burner. Another symptom is your ignitor lights, but the flame never comes. This can happen because the burner tube is so corroded that it doesn't effectively channel the flame. to the ignitor.

If you want to try your hand at cleaning the burner tubes yourself, you can usually do a pretty good job with a paper clip, razor blade, and a wire brush. Take the tubes out of the furnace, and brush the main burner face. with the wire brush to remove any of the flaky rust that builds up on them. Next, take the wire paper clip and clean out each of the square holes at the face... sometimes you'll find that these are almost sealed shut! Finally, take the razor blade and gently cut your way through the rust on the flame ribbon part. Be very careful not to break off the blade in the ribbon ports!

Otherwise, if you would like professional assistance, we'd be happy to help! We are your experts with furnace repair in New Richmond and surrounding areas, and enjoy the challenge of repairing some of these old furnaces. Otherwise, if you're considering a furnace replacement, we have a ton of great options to choose from.... Plus, with the new furnace & heat pump rebates out there, a new system can save you money and put a little cash in your pocket.

Call Heidikin for all your furnace repair and replacement needs!


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