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AC Refrigerant R22 is still available!

A lot of customers call us looking for help repairing their air conditioner because they have been told by another company that their unit is too old and un-serviceable.

We are all for replacing older units with newer, more efficient units. However, I don’t like doing it under a false pretense. Old ACs that utilize the old refrigerant called R22, can still be repaired. The EPA no longer allows r22 to be manufactured due to its environmental risks, but it can still be purchased as a recycled product. Additionally, new refrigerants with the same properties as r22 have been manufactured to be more environmentally safe, but function fine in r22 AC systems.

I get somewhat irritated when HVAC companies attempt to railroad customers into purchasing decisions based off of a lie. I still do believe in the long run that a new, more efficient AC will be beneficial to the customer down the road; but the customer needs to be able to make the decision for themselves. As HVAC techs, it is our responsibility to deliver unbiased, educated opinions to our customers, without the customer having the concern of, perhaps this guy is just trying to sell me a new one.

That said, if you have an AC system that you would like repaired, or need an AC replacement, please give us a call!

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