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A Dirty Boiler Is A Dodgy Boiler

Many older homes in the New Richmond area have cast iron boiler systems that can really crank out heat in these cold winter months.

This heat source is notoriously tough, and your home can go many years without needing a boiler repair. We routinely see boilers that have been running for 15-20 years with no maintenance at all. Did you know that manufacturers recommend boiler cleanings every 1-2 years? In our experience, 5 years between cleanings should keep your boiler from failing when you need it the most.

Check out the heat exchanger on this boiler we recently serviced (top-right). Lack of adequate maintenance caused this soot buildup leading to boiler malfunction. The boiler overheated, tripped temperature sensors, and failed. Brrrr...

Also pictured are a "before" and "after" of the flame being produced. See those nice, strong, blue flame ribbons in the bottom image? After a good clean, this boiler has a restored, balanced flow of air and fuel. Time to warm up!

If you are curious about your boiler maintenance, need boiler repair, or are ready for a boiler replacement, call Heidikin at 715-716-0700. We'd be happy to talk about how your boiler works, help troubleshoot your boiler, and make sure you keep warm!

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