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Your Air Conditioning System - 1 or 2 Stage Unit?

If you’re considering replacing your A/C system this spring, one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make is to move up to a 2-stage A/C system! 2-stage is essentially an air conditioner that can run at 2 different speeds—call them low & high. If a thermostat determines that the air conditioning needs to be turned on, the Air Conditioner first turns on the low stage to see if it will pacify the thermostat’s request. If a certain amount of time goes by with the thermostat still saying its too warm, then the A/C gears up to the High stage.

1-Stage A/C Systems

2-Stage A/C Systems

There are 2 primary reasons that 2-stage is better than single stage:

  • Greater energy efficiency (lower your energy bills!)

  • Greater comfort (in terms of dehumidification)

Energy Efficiency:

When an Air-Conditioner starts up, it utilizes the most amount of energy. When an A/C turns on and off frequently, it results in more energy consumption. We call this process “short cycling” Because 2-stage units can run on lower power for longer, this prevents the frequent starts and stops, and improves energy consumption.

Greater Comfort:

There are 2 components to comfort in your home—temperature and Humidity. Contrary to popular thinking, cooling your home down as quickly as possible is not necessarily the best way to condition your home. The longer an A/C runs, the better it dehumidifies. This is why its never a good idea to over-size an A/C! With a 2-stage unit, the A/C runs longer at lower power allowing the A/C to perform the dehumidification process for a longer period of time.

What is the downside of 2-stage?

2-stage A/C’s are naturally more expensive. If budget is a primary concern, then we suggest sticking to a standard single stage A/C. However, if you’re willing to invest a little more in a more advanced product, we highly recommend the 2-stage A/C.

Contact Heidikin Heating, Electric, Plumbing & Well today to get your free estimate on an Air Conditioning system best suited for your needs!

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